Amazing Breakthrough NEW Album from The Secret movie star and bestselling author Dr. Joe Vitale and Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon --

If you loved the bestselling healing music albums At Zero and Aligning to Zero, then wait until you hear the most Divinely inspired of them all ---

This heaven sent new album of love is based on modern science and Divine inspiration -- and breaks open a shocking conspiracy theory to deliver what may be the most exquisite healing music ever!

Announcing –

432 to Zero”

GET THIS - This astonishing all-new album does something completely different: it brings your energy into alignment with the natural frequency of the Universe – a tuning to 432 Hz rather than the standard (and some say disruptive) 440 Hz…

PLUS this stunningly beautiful album delivers the latest divinely inspired original music of Dr. Joe Vitale and Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon, making it the third in a landmark trilogy of healing music…

PLUS it contains the four healing phrases of ho’oponopono (a Hawaiian healing system written about in the bestselling books Zero Limits and At Zero) spoken by Dr. Vitale but delivered subliminally (below conscious awareness)…

PLUS this new album (like the two before it) also helps align your energy centers or “chakras” to help you feel healthier and happier…

PLUS there are inspired moments of awe where some claim we created “a whole new genre of music!”

All of which means this heavenly new album will work with your entire energy system to adjust your vibration to be one with Divinity or “Zero” itself!

Imagine how this can help you have, do, or be what you want!

Imagine increasing the power and speed of your visualizations, affirmations, intentions and more!

Imagine just listening to 432 to Zero – with or without headphones - as you do anything and you will begin to feel –

  • Calmer
  • Clearer
  • Happier
  • Healthier
  • More Loving
  • More Blissful
  • More Relaxed
  • More Focused
  • More in “The Flow”
  • More like a “Miracles Magnet”
  • More “At One” with All Life


Order 432 to Zero right here, right now and experience it for yourself!

Or order it after you read the incredible true story of this breakthrough new healing music album – including a possible conspiracy theory around music!

Be sure to listen to the audio samples below, too!

From the E-Desk of Dr. Joe Vitale

Bestselling Author, Speaker, Musician,

A Star in the hit movie, The Secret

Dear Friend,

Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon shocked me.

One day he told me about the 432 Hz tuning.

Yea, I know.

I had no idea what he was talking about, either.

But Mathew is my partner on two bestselling previous albums – At Zero and Aligning to Zero – and I know he’s a smart guy.

So I heard him out.

“I discovered that in ancient Greece, the early tuning was 432 Hz,” Mathew told me.


Where was he going with this?

Mathew continued…

“There are even instruments found from that time period that were tuned to 432 Hz. It seems that the actual frequency of the world is 432 Hz. It’s the frequency that music should be performed at or recorded at if it is to help us match the energy signature of the universe.”

You mean all of the music we’ve been listening to is actually “off” the actual vibration of the world?

According to Mathew, the answer is YES.

If that were true, no wonder so much chaos and dis-ease exists!

Just listening to music, no matter what the music was, would be disruptive to our energy system, simply because it was tuned to the wrong frequency!

How did that happen?

I wanted to know more…

You are Energy!

Einstein said it best –

What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

It’s all energy.



Everything and everyone around us.

And if it’s all energy, as Einstein said, then it can be influenced by our thoughts, deeds, moods, and even --- our music!

I already knew that the words in music could be detrimental, which is why I became the world’s first self-help singer-songwriter and created music, like my new album, Reflection, with positive messages.

But I didn’t know the actual tuning of music could be harmful!

I had to find out the truth.

Here’s what I discovered…

In the beginning, music wasn’t universally tuned to any particular frequency.

People came together and did their best to tune their instruments to each other. They often sounded bad, from today’s standards, but they didn’t know it because there was no universal tuning.

The first scientific tuning was in the 17th century, when Joseph Sauveur studied pitch pipes and stringed instruments. He established 432 Hz as a scientific standard. It was called the physical pitch method.

But not everyone agreed with him.

Mozart used 430 Hz – not 432 Hz – but mostly because the German instruments of his period could only be tuned to 430 Hz.

In 1815, composers wanted a “brighter” sound, so orchestras could be heard clearly in theatres. The 440 Hz pitch was promoted, and sometimes even higher frequencies. The range went from 420 Hz to 460 Hz.

There wasn’t a standard tuning till around 1910, when 440 Hz was accepted as the norm – at least in the United States.

It took until the 1930s for 440 Hz to be accepted by European countries. And in 1953 the International Standards Organization accepted it worldwide.

Today, 440 Hz is considered the gold standard.

When I pick up my guitar and tune it, I use a tuner already tuned to 440 Hz. I never thought about it before.

I thought 440 Hz was the way it always was.

Not so.

I was wrong.

After doing more research, I discovered that it appears the 440 Hz frequency was first adopted on a broad scale in the early 1900s by manufacturers who wanted a way to make their instruments all fit one mold.

It was a business decision.

If all instruments could be made at the same tuning, it would mean they could be mass-produced.

That would mean money could be made easier.

More than that, military bands needed a frequency that drew attention, and 440 Hz, being just a smidge unnatural to our ears, would be one to get our attention, if only because it was unnatural.

In other words, the slightly “off” tuning of music would make us sit up and listen, like a good puppy hearing an odd sound.

Some conspiracy theory authors say 440 Hz was even promoted by Joseph Goebbels, one of Hitler’s chief operators, because it would disrupt the peace of the masses and make them more susceptible to control.

What the?!

This is almost too weird…

Conspiracy Theory or Not…

I can’t say I buy into any conspiracy here, but my research and Mathew’s argument made for a persuasive case to use 432 Hz.

Besides, some scientists (especially in the field of Cymatics) were proving that different frequencies affected things like water, as shown with this image…


I have to admit that the image on the left – water affected by the 432 Hz frequency – looks prettier to me.

It even feels better.

Since you and I are mostly water, it’s totally logical to want to create music that makes us feel natural and whole. (And pretty).


Further research shows that some people feel that there are other frequencies that help heal, such as 528 Hz, sometimes called “The Love Frequency.”

While that is probably true, it’s clear to me that the 432 Hz is the way to go.

We may create a future album at 528 Hz later, but for now…

The evidence for 432 Hz is just overwhelming…

Music based on C=128hz (C note in concert A=432hz) will support humanity on its way towards spiritual freedom. The inner ear of the human being is built on C=128 hz” – Rudolph Steiner

So we decided to go back into the studio, this time to create our famous healing music with all the elements we’ve become known for, BUT this time we would also adjust the music to the magical 432 Hz frequency.

In this way we would grab the best of all worlds --

Mathew and I figured that our already relaxing music recorded at 440 Hz could be enhanced for even greater benefit to you by tuning it to the 432 Hz – the energy signature of the universe.

And as I dug into even more research, I learned that the 432 Hz was more heart centered and healing, while the 440 Hz was more head centered and distant.

In other words, take the most beautiful music you can imagine that is already at 440 Hz – whether that is Mozart or Beethoven or Jewel or Adele – and listen to the very same music tuned at 432 Hz, and you will feel a subtle difference: you will feel more peaceful, calm, soothed, healed, loved and moved.

Who wouldn’t want that?

PLUS music recorded at 432 HZ would be even closer to the Source of Life, what we call “Zero” in previous albums.

With all this in mind, Mathew and I got excited and returned to the studio.

Our idea was sound, but then…

But something shocking happened!

As with our other albums, we didn’t write music or make any plans.

We simply showed up in the studio without instruments and made ourselves available for Divine inspiration.

One day we had no idea what to play.

We sat and looked at each other.

But suddenly I thought of my harmonicas.

It was inspiration knocking.

“What if I played two harmonicas, both in different keys, but in different positions?” I asked. “I’d play first position with one harmonica and second position with the other.”

I explained that the song would still be in the same key, but the two different harmonicas, played in what are called “positions,” would make the sound blend, yet be different.

Mathew is trusting of my ideas, which are sometimes pretty out there, but I could see a little skepticism on his face.

“You wouldn’t have any sound to play to,” he explained. “You’d play in a vacuum.”

“I know,” I said. “But something says we should try it. Would you mind?”

We both knew that if the music didn’t sound right, we’d just delete the track. But we also both knew that the Divine can surprise us if we play along.

So he set up the audio track and I got my two harmonicas.


Magic happened!

I knew as I was playing that the sounds were unique.

I could feel it.

Switching between both harmonicas was strange –- I had never done it before -- but made for a surprising new sound.

It was almost as if “something angelic” was directing me.

Mathew got excited and announced, “We may have just created a whole new genre of music!”

And that was BEFORE tuning to 432 Hz!

Even though the music I just played sounded heavenly, and unusual, and Divine, we had played it at the normal 440 Hz frequency that virtually all music is played at today.

We still needed to change the tuning to 432 Hz.

After Mathew adjusted the tuning -- using scientific this and software that -- we listened to the result.

And you know what?

We were in AWE!

Just that one track, now playing at the 432 Hz, made us feel happier, healthier, calmer, clearer, more relaxed, more in the flow…more one with ZERO, the background vibration of the entire universe.

The inspired music – adjusted to be at an even calmer natural and spiritual frequency – brought us even closer to Zero – the source of life itself!

Since “Zero” is Divinity, or Nature itself, being “at one” with it is simply incredibly soothing, beautiful, and word-lessly wonderful.

And that’s just one track!

Here are all seven tracks, with their corresponding chakra/energy center location, and musical key –

1. Red Sunset
Chakra: Root
Color: Red
Key of C – Sunset

2. Orange Moonlight
Chakra: Sacral
Color: Orange
Key of D – Moonlight

3. Yellow Wheat
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Color: Yellow
Key of E - Fields of wheat

4. Green Country
Chakra: Heart
Color: Green
Key of F - A walk in the country

5. Blue Water
Chakra: Throat
Color: Blue
Key of G - Explore the blue sky and listen to water

6. Indigo Night
Chakra: Brow
Color: Indigo
Key of A – Contemplate a starry night

7. Violet Mountain
Chakra: Crown
Color: Violet
Key of B - Top of a mountain


Consider how this exquisite music is designed –

Our entire album, with each track completely different from the next, is stunningly, soothingly, absolutely beautiful.

And when you listen to it – just like with our previous two albums – you can expect some wonderful things –

  • Increased relaxation

  • Relief of stress

  • Healing of pain

  • Increased ESP talents

  • Accelerated healing

  • Better intimacy

  • Enhanced Imagery

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Improved performance

  • Better health

  • More inspiration

  • Alignment of energy centers

  • Creative breakthroughs

  • Instant “Flow” state

  • Aligned Hormones

But don’t take my word for it.

You simply have to experience this for yourself.

And that’s what I invite you to do right now.

There is a music sampler on this page. You can listen to a few seconds of each track of this mind blowing, heart opening new album. You can get a sense of its beauty.

You can do that right now, right here…

Listen to these beautiful interludes from 432 to Zero



After you listen to the audio sampler above, notice how you feel.

Obviously, you feel something easier and sweeter about the day because of this incredible new music.

All of that and more can come from listening to this new album!

Remember, all you heard were a few samples from a 30 minute album.

Imagine what listening to the whole album will do for you!

You can listen with or without headphones – listen wherever and whenever you want – and you can feel the difference!

Imagine it!

Here's what to do next –

There’s really no way to fully experience the music without getting the tracks and listening to them.  You'll want to experience the entire album to feel the benefits.

With that in mind, we made it easy to order:

  1. You can download all tracks and instantly begin listening to them in minutes.

  2. You can order a music CD to be shipped to your home or office.

We know this special music is worth hundreds to thousands of dollars to you.

After all, what is it worth to relieve stress?

Since stress alone accounts for so many medical bills and complaints, just finding a way around it ought to be worth a ton of money to you.

And what is it worth to align your energy to the energy vibration of the entire planet?

Your visualizations, affirmations, intentions and more will all be MORE POWERFUL!

And what is it worth to experience the oneness of Zero or Divinity?

Your entire life is about to transform!

All of this means that we ought to charge thousands of dollars for this new album.

But Mathew and I agreed to only charge a small nominal fee for the music. (Of course, we may raise the price at any time).

For now, the pricing is as follows:

But before you order right now…

YES! Your 100% Guarantee!         

Yes, we are guaranteeing our album.

I've been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2003. I stand behind my name and my products.

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

Try the music for eight weeks.

If you aren't happy for any reason with the music, please let us know by contacting us here:

Click here to reach the Hypnotic Marketing Customer Care Center

You will get a complete refund – no questions asked.

As you can see, 432 to Zero is special music.

Mathew and I felt inspired as we created the music, as if we were led by the “Great Spirit” to deliver this healing music to you and your loved ones.

Mathew told me he felt guided when he was in the studio, adjusting the sound levels and pace so the tracks were aligned to your energy centers and to the 432 Hz vibration.

And of course, a lot of hard science and ancient culture went into the making of this special music.

Obviously, having already beautiful music tuned to the 432 Hz frequency of the universe makes this new album one of the greatest you may ever hear!

But the only thing left is for you to experience 432 to Zero for yourself…

Which would you like today – the download or the CD?

Click here to buy the CD


Click here to order the MP3 downloadable version



Dr. Joe Vitale
Member BBB 2003 – 2015
A star in the hit movie The Secret
Bestselling author of Zero Limits

PS – Remember, 432 to Zero is designed to work whether you believe it or not, and whether you do anything else or not. You can even fall asleep while it plays. All we ask is that you listen to it as often as you like, and note the positive changes. You can listen with or without headphones. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. All you need to do is choose either the downloadable tracks or the music CD to be delivered to you. Why not order right now, while it’s on your mind?

PPS – A good idea is to invest in all three albums – Aligning to Zero, At Zero, and 432 to Zero - and listen to them back to back. All three will give you more than 90 minutes of healing music. Listen to them all as you relax, rest, create, walk, sleep, meditate, read, write, get a massage or anything you can imagine. Ninety minutes will seem like a full body massage of sound! Imagine the bliss! It’s a great gift to yourself or someone you care about. Order all three albums here:

You can receive all 3 CDs for only $49 (plus s&h)! That's a $20.85 savings, as the retail price for all 3 CDs is usually $69.85 (plus s&h)!

Click here to buy the bundle

NOTE: The music we offer is for entertainment purposes only. We are not making any medical, psychological, or therapeutic claims. Do not stop seeing your doctor, or taking medications, or taking care of your health. This music is designed to assist you in relaxing, which is essential to health and healing.

Dr. Joe Vitale
Member BBB 2003-

PS - For more information about Miracles Coaching®, please see

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